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Who are Site 3? « Site 3 coLaboratory
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Who are Site 3?

We are an awesome, eclectic and diverse group of artists, makers, engineers, creators, techies; people who collaborate to make cool things.

Seth Hardy

Seth Hardy is a co-founder of both hacklab.TO and Site 3, and is Chair of the Board of Site 3. He currently serves as chair of the Board for Site 3, and as an all-around genius. He blogs about propane and electronics at asymptotic.ca.

Alex Leitch

(www.alexleitch.com) lives and works in Toronto as a web developer and sculptor. Site 3 co-founder and executive director.


A research roboticist by day and an new media artist by night.
His robotics work deals heavily with neural nets and their
similarities and dissimilarities with real neurons, so he has dabbled
in connectionist AI, neurohacking, and loads of Python image
processing. His art usually obliquely references themes of
communication, shared extreme experience, and Stendhal Syndrome,
without ever directly stating anything other than “look at the pretty
lights”. He likes making things with overly bright LEDs to stun and
confuse bystanders, and sometimes dabbles in “attack art”.

Abe lives in the United States, which is why you never see him around. Co-founder of Site 3.

Dana the Mighty

Shop boss and general enthusiast, Dana ensures that Site 3 is kept in order. He is a prop maker for film and television by trade.
“those who don’t get carried away, should”.

Adam Smith

A skilled artisan producing a range of period, prop and fashion pieces in leather, wood and metal. swordinthestone.ca

Derek Quenneville


A gamer, developer, and 3D printing evangelist living in Toronto. He does stuff at techknight.com and has a fine beard.
[ email | twitter ]

Kyle Clements

Kyle Clements is a Toronto-based Canadian artist. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2006, Kyle lived in Asia for a year, collecting source material and inspiration.

His work is vibrant and colourful. Whether painting the harsh Northern landscape, or capturing the overwhelming buzz of life in the city, his acrylic paintings hover between representation and abstraction. You can find him at Kyle Clements Dot Com


A mathematician by training who lives on a sailboat and refuses to accept that there is such a thing as a load too heavy, or a trip to long to be managed by bicycle. He developed a fondness for metalworking in his teens, starting with making chainmail, and is
currently embroiled in a digression from an attempt to represent some group theory in a large blinking structure.

Between sailing and topology, Kris has quite a knack for tying things up, and loves nothing
more than to disappoint and frustrate bondage aficionados with his complete disinterest in that particular kink.


An engineer, scientist, collaborator and teacher. Jonathan is a member of the board of Site 3. He blogs at Up, Not North


A world traveling physicist who is trying to establish a career in renewable energy and thus spends a lot of time on rooftops. As such he is occasionally mistaken for Spiderman. He studied Physics (and a painful amount of math) at U of Waterloo before spending a few years bouncing around the planet. As a child he played with way too much Lego™, and had a great love of making things (occasionally they even worked). Despite repeated efforts he hasn’t cut off any non-regrowing body parts. He joined Site 3 for the express purpose of doing mad science and implementing projects that have been kicking around in his head for years. An ongoing one is his Solar Reflector of Doom. In general he’s good at building things and brings a number of renovation skills to the table. He’s also a sucker for volunteering to help.


maker of all things: carl makes clothing, accessories, wearable electronics, lamps, toys, furniture, etc. – handy with leather and laser skills.

editor's note: this image really does look like tom!


is a nice person who has a website


Professional project manager, Burner, Artist specializing large scale fire-art installations and Lead for The Heart Machine project!