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Gallery Space

Can I rent the upstairs space at Site 3 for events (gallery nights, fundraisers, etc.)?

Yes! As long as what you’re doing is on-track with our mission (art, technology, making things), we’d be happy to provide space for your event.

The upstairs at Site 3 is approximately 1000 square feet. It has a ceiling-mounted projector, a large sound system, and a lot of furniture you can reconfigure to what suits your needs.

Check the Site 3 events calendar for date planning.

How much does it cost?

Tell us what you’re doing, and what your budget looks like, and we can figure that out. While we do want to work with you to find a way to offer space for your awesome event on your minimal budget, we do rent out the space to help us cover our shop costs.

This is basically a way of saying “we have a price we’re looking for, it’s not that expensive, but don’t be afraid to ask if you’re still worried about it– we don’t want that to be the only reason you can’t have your event here.”

Can we rent the shop space downstairs?

The shop generally is not available to rent for events unless you have a specific need for it (e.g. a workshop, power tools party). Shop rentals have an entirely different set of rules (for example: no alcohol, you may have to share the space with any shop members who are there at the time), so if you want to do this, please contact us for more information.

Do you help with advertising?

If you’d like, we’ll post your event in all our usual channels (website, Facebook, Twitter, mailing lists). However, you are primarily responsible for advertising your event.

Speakers/Sound System

Site 3 has a(n excessively) large sound system, if you have a DJ or line-out; plug and play!

Can we have alcohol at our event?

Yes, we will help and advise, but you are responsible for providing the SOP (Special Occasion Permit) and, for a public event; bartenders and door staff, and finally, ensuring the toilet “situation” is covered. Which leads us to the next question…

…toilet “situation”?

We have two washrooms at Site 3, and both have incinerating toilets. This is not as scary as it sounds! We do not have running water or sewer service at the shop, although our landlord is currently fighting with the city to make it happen. The two toilets are ok for normal shop usage, but have to be monitored during larger events to ensure they’re not being overused. This is also not as scary as it sounds and is fine if you don’t have a huge event.

If you do have an event with a lot of people, or are serving large quantities of beer, you’ll need to arrange alternate facilities for your guests. Porta-potties cost about $150 delivered and are *extremely* classy for your gallery opening or fundraiser. If you don’t feel the same way, you probably won’t like the incinerating toilets either, and we might not be the best place for your event…

I’m ok with the fire-toilets that are both awesome and totally safe. How do I sign up?

Email info@site3.ca with details about your event and proposed dates, and we’ll get back to you right away.